How to Buy an Electric Guitar by Knowing the Top Five Mistakes

electric guitar buying guide

It is exciting to buy your first black electric guitar. But it is shocking to know that there are many common mistakes made by first time buyers. They are just simply overwhelmed with too much offers.

Do you aware the differences between electric guitars and acoustic guitars?

The key difference between the two is that electric guitar needs an external amplifier to amplify its sound louder. Unlike the acoustic guitar, it does not have a sound hole to make guitar sound. Acoustic guitars do not require the use of an amplifier to still be heard by others. Acoustic guitars have a sound hole for this purpose and it does not need to plug an amplifier. For some electric guitars with semi-hollow bodies, they can be pretty user friendly to allow guitarists to play unplugged or with an amplifier.

Knowing that black electric guitars give a unique kind of style that worth the second look, the black color does not really affect the sound quality.

Below are the most common mistakes committed by many people.

  1. It may not be a workable idea to possess the same type of guitars used by the celebrities. People are always unique in terms of beliefs and playing styles. A good suggestion is to get a suitable guitar and learn it with full commitment. Once you pass the first level, you can be confidently to buy the same guitar as your idol does. Playing a guitar is mostly about what you know in your head and not totally based on what type of guitars you own.
  2. Is it good to get the most costly guitar? This may not be true because it is quite often that just a sale tactic used by the retailers to sell higher their products to you. They will get higher sales and commission by doing so. It may be always the case especially the guitar students are not smart enough to differentiate the guitars. By just merely judging from the price tags, it is not advisable to even commit acquiring at the first place. The best idea is to do some research and find some relevant product reviews.
  3. Novices may be often educated to start with an acoustic guitar first due to the fact that they are lower cost and they do not require to buy any amplifier. This best intention is often lead to a drop in motivation later on. Especially to those novices who are trying to master playing guitars faster, their fingers can be quite painful after long hours of playing. Fingers are the most sensitive body parts. Once an enthusiastic beginner’s finger tips are swollen or even bleeding, it will definitely destroy his sixth fret. The other negative aspect of starting with an acoustic guitar is the fact that electric guitars and other effects are difficult to learn and get used to. But that is one of the major advantages of playing a guitar.
  4. Avoid choosing the wrong type of strings or select the wrong guitar preamp.The effect depends largely on the type of amplifier. The sound and tune of a guitar depends mainly on its amplification. Acoustic guitars with good quality strings can give a sweet and pleasant sound. In addition, they will not cost you as much. Switching to an electric guitar can result in having to buy a lot of additional equipment and this might not be possible for some budget conscious individuals.

The best tip is to be informed about the available types of guitars and the standardizations they have. This will take care of wastes of time and money.

  1. Have a specific idea of what you want and an exact price range. This will definitely eliminate any possibility of getting carried away and pay completely per each piece of equipment. Listening to the various models and brands of different guitar before purchasing one is necessary. You can determine which ones are especially well suited for your styles of music.
  2. Do your homework: Check out some publications or online stores before supporting any specific brands or models. This will be able to save you from defeats and from making lame mistakes.
  3. Be patient: Relax and don’t rush into making any decisions. Take time to examine the various models and pieces of the guitar and create a worthwhile decision.

It is also essential to know which brands with dielectric testing companies are usually more reliable. I would personally recommend anyone who is interested in buying a good quality guitar to take a look at Fender, Ibanez, Jackson and Martin. These are all high quality and highly respected guitar brands. They produce both solid body and semi acoustic guitars.

These are just a few of the common mistakes that you should avoid when buying a guitar. Fret not though, because by following these tips you will be Sure to find the best guitar for yourself and your musical journey.

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