The Best Songs About Birds

songs about birds

You are probably here for a multitude of reasons, but one of the biggest is probably the symbolism of which birds represent. They have been used for centuries to convey certain feelings and messages in stories that we have been telling for the entirety of our existence. They are extremely easy to use and it’s not hard to imagine them for certain things and in certain things due to just being what they are.

Crows represent intelligence, adaptability, change, cleverness, and even sometimes bad luck. Peacocks have been used to represent wealth, beauty, opportunity, and regality. Swans have been used to represent transformation, beauty, grace, humility, purity, and love. Eagles, particularly Bald Eagles, have been used to represent freedom, honesty, strength, integrity, and hope. These are just a few birds that have meaning for us today, there are, as you know, thousands of different types of birds, and they all represent something.

Because birds such as swans, eagles, and crows represent such strong themes, they have of course been used in all forms of media and literature from the dawn of time. They are something that is just incredibly easy to use when someone wants to convey some sort of message. The greatest part of that is it is something that has been used for thousands, millions even, of years. They were used by cave men all the way back when they were making cave art, and the trend of birds and their meanings since then have only increased.

It’s increased so much that birds have been used in our more modern era hundreds of thousands of times, especially for one particular form of media that the general populace loves to consume. Music, birds have been widely used in a lot of things in the recent and not so recent past, but music and songs have been always especially considered birds as a part of their message of themes. Like we said, they are incredibly easy to use with their incredibly strong symbolisms.

There have been, as we said, hundreds of thousands of songs created with birds in mind, and most if not all of them have been great, amazing even. Songs have used birds a lot, they have used specific birds sometimes, but the majority of the time it usually with birds in general that artists usually defer to. Birds in general usually symbolize freedom, escape, and hope overall.

Of course, that would be appealing to a lot of artists and their music, freedom, hope, and escape are all things that we as humans can relate to, we have all experienced or want to at least experience those things. It’s very easy for song artists to try and use these easy symbols in their songs to represent them. As we said, there is a tremendous amount of song artists that have used these fascinating birds in their music and there has been a lot, which means that there are a ton of songs that heavily feature bird themes.

That is what you are probably here for, you are curious as to what songs that represent and use the symbolize birds as the best. Luckily for you, there are a lot, unluckily for you, there is a lot. There are so many that it can be hard sometimes to find the right song to dance to, and you want to dance to one that features the amazing bird species. You are probably wanting to find a few good examples of these amazing songs, and we defiantly have you covered. For your convenience and absolute pleasure, here is a conveniently compiled list and analyze of all the best songs about birds.

Blackbird by the Beatles

We couldn’t of course not start this list with anything but the absolute most famous song about birds of all time. Sung by what has been said to be the most famous band to ever exist, The Beatles, was Blackbird. It is said to also be one of the most famous songs to ever exist, and that is for a very good reason.

This inspirational song uses the symbolism of freedom, the number one thing that birds represent. A sad individual has not had that exciting of a life, a relatively at least bad life, and they haven’t been able to see the light of life, they “were only waiting for this moment to be free”. It was made to make sure that everyone knows that their chance of adventure, a better life, freedom, was still just waiting for them to be ready to claim it.

It is a song that has been sung by so many people that it is almost ridiculous. It’s a song that everyone knows, it’s something that the majority of people are able to sing along with. It is the number one song in the world that represents birds and their symbolism of freedom. There really isn’t anything that would be able to top it, no song is ever going to have the blunt lesson given by this song, and no other song is going to be able to live up to the shadow this song has cast.

Fall on Me by REM

Fall on Me is a song that does involve birds quite heavily, more than the average song at least, but their references are few and far between, and a bit vague at that. The reason that this song in particular is on this list is for the face that it has an incredibly good message that everyone should hear. This is a song that is dedicated to keeping nature and tress and such safe, making sure that everything is good to go and making sure that nothing is wrong with anything at all.

This song is something that also propelled REM into fame, this song is something that really put them on the top when it comes to the music industry, they were able to capture the magic of music with this song, and where even able to use the amazing effects that birds have with their symbolism and amazing stories.

Of course, this is not the only song that really put them onto the map, but none of the other ones that they sang really involved birds, and even when they did, they weren’t as good as the magic they were able to create here with this one. It’s something that is really going to be remembered by everyone, no is ever going to be able to forget the magic that it was able to produce, and the message that it was able ingrain into everyone heart and mind that listened to it.

Surfin’ Bird by Trashmen

Of course, birds have represented a multitude of things in recent and not so recent history, most of it being filed with deep meaning and thought inducing stories. The thing that birds don’t usually represent in most modern media is hilarity. Humor has never really been a very big strong suit that birds are known for, as we said they are things that are really more practiced in thought inducing morals and themes.

The Trashmen though where able to change that just a few decades ago with the song Surfin’ Bird. This song is one that everyone knows today, in our actual lifetime, before us though this song was not really well known or remembered that is, it was mostly known as one of the many songs that where nice to listen to a few times, and then simply forgotten.

Today though, a very particular thing was able to bring this song back into the light and find the fame that it was looking for back in the day. The show Family Guy actually used the song in one or more of these episodes and people seemed to love it, it was made with a catchy line of dialogue, they seemed to really enjoy it, and like a lot of other things it just seemed to stick.

Of course, with the entire introduction to this song, it does seem to not be needed, as you yourself have probably heard of this song already, whether you’ve seen the show, in passing, or just know a few of the lyrics. You may have even known the lyrics but not the name of the song, and it’s show of birds for sale, which does seem to be a common theme among a lot people, which does seem to be a little ironic with the fame that the song has seen in recent years.

Three Little Birds by Bob Marley

We can’t speak about this topic of songs without talking about the of course notorious king of Jamaican themed music Bob Marley, and his incredible song of our avian friends. This laid-back baritone melody is all about relaxing in this stressed filled reality, and the feeling of weightlessness that comes with the flying that birds are capable of. 

This song is one of the most famous songs about birds in the world, it’s right behind Blackbird with its notorious, and can be arguably said to be more famous than the classic song the Beatles were able to craft. Though with our own personal bias, were gonna go ahead and say that Blackbird will always keep the tops spot when it comes to the more feathered friends’ selection of songs.

Bob Marley is of course a legend in the realm of the music industry, he will always be remembered for his amazing tunes and because of that this song that he crafted, and loved will always be one that is remembered, it’s something that will never ever be forgotten by the human race. The message that comes with it is something that will always be remembered because of him, the message of being chill and relaxed no matter what is something that everyone should remember in the days to come.

When Doves Cry by Prince

This list of course is going to end as many Shakespeare plays do, with a tragedy. The song When Doves Cry by Prince is a heart breaking one that will also be remembered because of who sang it, and the message that comes along with it of course, or the story in this case, will always be stuck with humanity.

Doves usually represent purity, innocence, holiness, and really just good all around, which makes the title of the song all that much better. The song is a story of what happens when a married couple begins to fight, and their relationship starts to slowly crumble because of it. The thing that makes the title so amazing is because the dove is a relationship of the couple’s marriage in the song. The purity of what a dove represents slowly starts to turn into something that is a lot worse.

This is a song that everyone should listen to at least once in their life to really just experience it, and to really take in the message of what it represents. Coupes should try their best to not fight, but to instead try to find a mutual solution that can help make them both happy. It’s an amazing message that will survive for centuries due to the amazing artist and the unforgettable tune and lyrics.

The Conclusion

We’ve listed here for you today the most popular, or best songs about birds, and they were all incredible, they were able to all make things so much easier for everyone and they were all able to make their messages quite clear. The messages that birds have been going humanity for the entirety of the human race has now come to music and it has been an absolute wonderful partnership of music and moral.

Thank you very much for your time today, thank you for taking some time out of your very busy schedule to come by and learn a little more about the amazing topic that we compiled here today. Hopefully we were able to help you learn a little bit more about this topic, and at the very least entertain you for a little while, this was the best songs about birds.

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